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Florentine Calligraphy


At Pineider Boutique, Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli 72/76r, Florence.
Dates: 17th February, 16th March, 18th May
Time: From 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM


€250, including starter kit

Why enroll?
It all starts with beautiful handwriting, the desire to write with not only legible but also pleasing handwriting.
How to hold a pen, sit correctly, and write fluently and consciously are among the many topics that will be covered during the workshop.
Rediscover the beauty of handwriting and the world of calligraphy through the works of the most illustrious Florentine authors.

What will we learn in this workshop?
Together, we will explore the ancient Florentine chancellery scripts.
We will use the broad-edge pen with the accompanying Pineider nib and discover the potential of its strokes.
We will pay attention to all the fundamental aspects to begin calligraphy: posture, breath, hand and shoulder movements.
We will learn to closely observe the secrets of beautiful handwriting: proportions, rhythm, ductus, and shading.

When and where does the workshop take place?
The workshop takes place at the boutique in Florence, Lungarno Acciaiuoli 72-76r. It is an 6-hour full immersion experience, with a coffee break and boutique tour. There will be a one-hour lunch break.

Who is this workshop intended for?
For anyone. Our workshop is open to anyone who wants to experience the art of calligraphy.

What does the calligraphy course include?
By purchasing our course, you will also receive a special kit to make the most of this workshop.
The kit will include 4 bottles of ink in different colors, 1 straw, 1 nib, and 1 converter. All of this will be presented in an elegant Pineider box.

How much does the workshop cost?
The price of the workshop and the starter kit is €250 including VAT.

When will I receive my starter kit?
The starter kit will be handed out to all participants on the day of the workshop.

What topics will we cover?

• Introduction to the 14th-century cancelleresca script
• Introduction to the tools: broad-edge nib and ink in bottles
• Proportions, rhythm, shading, and highlights of the writing line
• Posture, breath, and hand control
• Setting up the work sheet
• Basic shapes and warm-up exercises

• Analysis and design of the lowercase alphabet
• Formed writing trials
• Basics of critical analysis
• Conclusions


€250, including starter kit

The kit will include:
• 4 bottles of ink in different colors;
• 1 straw;
• 1 nib;
• 1 converter;
• 1 blocknote;
all of this will be presented in an elegant Pineider box.

Caterina Scardillo is a calligrapher, lettering artist, and professional graphic designer specializing in the study of ancient scripts.
She deepened her passion for the world of letters with the Italian Calligraphy Association and obtained a Master's Degree in Paleography from the University of Ferrara. Since 2016, she has been a lecturer at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. She nurtures her passion for calligraphy by sharing its secrets through private courses and workshops..