Not just wallets: small leather goods by Pineider

When you think of small leather goods, you probably picture different types and shapes of wallets. Of course, wallets are the most popular leather accessory that we use daily, but there is much more that leather can do. Within the ample range of leather accessories by Pineider you can find different models of leather keyrings and credit card holders, rigorously handmade by our master leather artisans. Pineider has the perfect solution for those who love technology and want to protect it with elegance: luxury leather iPad cases made with the meticulous care that only centuries of craftsmanship can provide. For those always on the go but don't give up on style, leather passport holders and leather luggage tags are the perfect accessories to stand out even when traveling.

Small leather goods for women and men

The Pineider small leather goods collection can meet the needs of women and men. Pineider has designed leather wallets with pockets and sections to hold all the essential items for women, who traditionally always carry a bag. Discover the Empress Embossed International Wallet Zip Around: the beauty of handcrafted calfskin is available in black or silver, which will turn your wallet into a statement. For men, who tend to carry their wallets in their pockets, Pineider has developed more practical solutions, such as the 720 Bi-fold 8-cards Wallet. It is an efficient object, with a more extensive section to hold banknotes, space for eight credit cards and more for notes, and an icon of elegance. The calfskin printed by our artisans is available in classic colors, such as black and navy, and unique shades, such as serpentine green. Pineider small leather goods have no gender, but they understand and meet the different needs that women and men generally have to offer practical but classy solutions to everyone.

Pineider custom small leather goods

Whether you buy them for yourself or a particular person, small leather goods, such as wallets and key rings, will be constant presences in everyday life. The passage of time will certainly make them unique and special, but why not give them a unique character right away? The Pineider leather customization service allows you to emboss or print your initials in gold or silver. The care of Pineider artisans will do the rest, and you will receive your personalized wallet in a few days. And there is no doubt that the Pineider custom leather wallets will be your best friends for many years.