How to write greeting cards

A blank sheet, little time, and ideas that are slow in coming? Writing greeting cards is a simple activity, but it often takes more time and energy than one would expect. Christmas, weddings, birthdays, graduations, regardless of the occasion, the right card, with the best message, is a marvelous way of making the people most important to you understand how much you genuinely care about them. Whereas, a blank sheet or reusing the typical aphorism is not very helpful. When you are ready to put pen to paper, the main question you should ask yourself is: what kind of relationship binds you to the recipient? Thereupon, your creativity should unleash on our elegant greeting cards.

Client greeting cards in luxury designs 

Simplicity, class, and discretion; are the main components needed when writing a greeting card for an esteemed colleague or a loyal customer. In this particular case, the relationship that binds the sender to the recipient is the determinant that will help you understand how personal or formal the sophisticated greeting card should be. However, if ever in doubt, the best course of action will always be to keep a certain degree of distance and a professional approach. For more elegant office essentials, discover our prestigious selection of desk accessories specially handmade with the highest quality and functional materials.

Special family greeting cards 

When you write a message for your family, the matter can potentially become slightly more complicated than one would imagine. Simultaneously, you have been through some of the best and worst moments with your family. They are the ones who have always been there and will always be there for you regardless of the situation. Therefore, arguably the most important thing when writing a greeting card to your family is to be honest, and write from the heart. This way, you can make your family feel close to you, even when you are far away. Use our magnificent fountain pens to encapsulate cherished moments spent together on a refined Pineider greeting card that is sure to put a smile on their face once received. Moreover, browse our elegant selection of bespoke envelopes to add a statement finishing touch to all your correspondence. 

Innovative greeting cards for friends

Writing a birthday card for close friends with whom you have spent a lifetime should be infinitely more manageable. Memories and emotions, fun experiences spent together, and years and years of knowledge allow you to be creative and take off the pressure when writing the greeting card. Whether it is a graduation, a significant birthday, or a new stage in their life, professional or private, Pineider makes your job even easier with our wonderful greeting cards. In these unique offerings, you can write sweet memories, share bonding experiences, and embarrass them with fun times spent together. Remember, the only limit when it comes to writing to friends is solely our creativity.