Make a lifestyle statement

Our fine fountain pens have been a symbol of style since 1774. We live in a technological era where some of the beautiful and classic ways of life are left behind. Pineider values these traditions and strives to keep them alive with their elegant, sophisticated and Italian fountain pens. A Pineider fountain pen is made with luxurious materials, making it the best writing instrument to fulfill the pleasures of writing. If you are looking to enhance your writing experience, Pineider fountain pens will allow you to create elegant and quality writing pieces. Pineider fountain pens are unique, you can change the style and color to your heart's desire. Choose from different bright hues to pearl, marbled or transparent effects and from a vast color palette. Pineider also offers you the opportunity to personalize your pen by adding monograms, initials, the national flag, a dedication or a date, the zodiac signs and the Chinese zodiac signs on the back of the case. This makes Italian fountain pens the perfect gift idea for diverse occasions such as graduation gifts. Alternatively, choose from our selection of cutting edge rollerball pens to continue the tradition of penmanship.

How do fountain pens work

A plethora of models for fountain pens exist, each different from the other, but how do fountain pens work? Fine fountain pens draw ink from the cartridge or reservoir to the nib through gravity, as a result, the ink drains down and out of the pen when it’s held vertically. Then, through capillary action, the liquid will be drawn along a narrow tube. When it comes to the technique of Italian fountain pens, it varies from person to person. If you are passionate about writing, penmanship or if journaling is part of your lifestyle, our fountain pens are the perfect instrument. They work in a way that provides comfort due to the soft grip required. Their refined and timeless aesthetic will allow you to create sophisticated and beautiful writing pieces that contain a personal touch needed for special occasions. Those who switch to a fountain pen rarely go back! Test your luxurious tool on our range of bespoke stationery or on a diary and organizer, to feel the thrill and pleasure of writing meaningful moments on our elegant writing paper.

How to write with a fountain pen

The pleasing aesthetic of a fountain pen is not the only attractive feature of our luxurious tool. Your writing experience can also be transformed by improving your handwriting. For an avid writer, the flowing ink quality of our pens is ideal, and a pleasant change compared to the dreaded hand cramp that derives from gripping a regular Biro pen. The pleasures of what is now considered old school writing continue to hold a particular charm, as you can accomplish a unique writing style with simple hand movements. By adjusting the angle of your fountain pen and altering your hold and nib, your fountain pen will glide in an effortless manner. The best fountain pens will allow you to do glorious strokes and apply less pressure on the paper’s surface.

A pen for life: How to clean a fountain pen

A fountain pen is built to last a lifetime, it is an investment. If you want your fountain pen to last interminably, minimal attention and care are needed. Our high-quality fountain pens require fairly regular cleaning in order to achieve the best performance. Do not fret, the process is straightforward, you will only need water and paper towels. On average, every month you start by removing the cap and submerging the nib and feed into cool water. Repeat this process two or three times until the water remains clear and any accumulation of solid ink disappears. Place the components of the pen on a paper towel and let them dry thoroughly. Reassemble your pen and enjoy your newly smooth and reliable fountain pen. Additionally, fine fountain pens are more sustainable than regular disposable pens. The ability to clean, refill the ink and ultimately use your pen endlessly means that our fountain pens and sustainability work in harmony. Pineider's online shop provides you with refills and inks for your luxurious tools and more. Explore our selection of fountain pens online and liberate your creativity.