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Workshop Bookbinding

Japanese Bookbinding.
Learn the art of creating and recycling.







What is Bookbinding?

Bookbinding is the art of joining printed pages or sheets of paper together to create a more structured and durable book or document. This process involves various techniques and methods of sewing, gluing, or stitching the pages to create a complete work. Bookbinding is essential to protect the contents of the pages, make the book more manageable, and give it an aesthetic presentation. Bound items can range from books and magazines to theses, photo albums, and more.

Why Japanese Bookbinding Workshop?

“The pages of a notebook contain the story of its creator”. Creating an object from scratch allows you to take your time: time to connect with different materials and their various textures, to find complementary colors that resonate, and to choose the pattern that the thread will create. Making a notebook requires calm and care, reminding us of the importance of pauses, slowness, and beauty. During the workshop, participants will be guided in creating two softcover books/sketchbooks (hand-sewn with needle and thread). Starting with the basics of Japanese Fukuro Toji (袋綴じ) binding, you will experiment with various paper weights and sizes.

What will you learn in this workshop?

Japanese bookbinding is a simple and elegant technique, an excellent option for taking your first steps into the world of artisan bookbinding. Its versatility allows you to work with different formats, materials, and visible stitching, providing plenty of freedom to create your own notebook or artist's book. Once you have learned the basic principles, you can unleash your creativity independently and develop your style. During the workshop, you will be guided step-by-step in creating two notebooks: one with a rigid cover and one with a flexible cover.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves, giving time and space to their creativity.

What does the Japanese bookbinding course include?

During the course, all the necessary tools will be provided to create your own notebooks. You will also receive a special kit to make the most of this workshop, including beautiful and high-quality Pineider papers, canvas fabric, two cardboard covers, and waxed linen thread.

When will I receive my starter kit?

The starter kit will be delivered to all participants on the day of the workshop to facilitate your work.

Topics we will cover:

• What is Japanese bookbinding?
• Paper and cardboard and their grain direction
• Introduction to tools: cutting mat, bone folder, awl, utility knife, brushes, and needle.
• Basic elements of cartonnage (bookbinding with cardboard)
• Flexible and rigid covers
• The proportions and endless versatility of this ancient technique
• Different types of visible stitching
• Ideas and inspiration for customization

When and where does the workshop take place?

The course will take place in the boutiques in Florence, Milan, and London. Four hours of full immersion, with a coffee break and a boutique tour.

How much does the workshop cost?

The price of the workshop is 120€/120£ including VAT.


From 10:00am to 1:30pm

Please check the calendar in each boutique for available dates.